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Yon Yonson talk Yes No Sorry & guest program

Episode 167, originally broadcast February 13, 2017

Stream Telepath (167) – Yon Yonson

Last night on Telepath, I welcomed Andrew, Rick and Nathan from Sydney electronic pop group Yon Yonson into the FBi Radio studios as my first guests in a long while.

They’ve just released Yes No Sorry on TEEF Records, their first record since It’s Natural from 2014. It’s an ambitious listen, bursting with ideas from dance pop to emotional balladry, filtered samples and nerdy kinda mid-2000s laptop guitar music.

There’s funny little interludes laced throughout its 17 tracks, featuring samples from what sounds like old tv shows. Heavily layered vocal harmonies swell up into Panda Bear vibes, like on the title track Yes No Sorry, while This Evening is a straight out ballad.

In lesser hands, the record might have come unstitched, but it’s been beautifully mastered by Becki Whitton, who produces as APHIR.

As Andrew mentioned, I believe off air, some tracks on the record are just left as two-minute beats with a couple synths. They looked to avoid adding upon things unnecessarily. Still, other tracks are vastly expanded. Having listened to advance singles Berlin, Call It Something I Ate and This Evening quite a few times, it’ll take a moment to process the complete work.

As for their guest program, we heard some stellar selections: Bilby, Arthur Wimble, Iljuswifmo, Phondupe, Middle Kids, I Heart Hiroshima, Royal Headache, APHIR and Spoonty.


  • Founder and Editor of Skydreams. Producer of Telepath on FBi Radio.


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