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Wild Cat Falling – Yekermo Sewage

Wild Cat Falling is the second release on Skydreams with a limited run of 25 cassettes of the Yekermo Sewage LP. Each copy is custom painted by the band themselves. These are people who transformed the bare concrete driveway and carport beside their house into an overflowing garden and makeshift clubhouse. They did this by ordering half a tonne of soil that was dumped out the front from a truck and then used found materials from around the neighbourhood to construct garden beds, hanging pots and lines with flowering vines growing along them. What I’m trying to indicate is that they can make beautiful things from nothing and with no-one showing them what to do. It’s a pretty inspiring energy to be around.

They describe their sound as “sewer jazz” and I consider it some of the most interesting music being made in Sydney. It came out of nowhere, really. Suddenly a friend of mine began updating his Soundcloud with a whole new style of music after getting right into playing the clarinet for a few months. ‘The Sleaze’ was the first song I heard. I remember he did the same thing with the organ a few years ago and emerged with a couple of his friends as the much loved East River. So there you go. Two great bands with quite different styles. But sharing the attitude, energy and approach of getting stuck into life and making the most of the time we have.

Indeed the namesake of Wild Cat Falling refers to a 1965 Australian political¬†novel written by Mudrooroo¬†about an unnamed Indigenous man who leaves jail and struggles to find a purpose in life, battling with an unjust society. Obviously the tracks on Yekermo Sewage denote this theme and could be taken as a soundtrack to a cinema interpretation of the book. I haven’t asked the band about any of this and discovered the connection by stumbling across the book in Elizabeth’s on King Street. Let’s call these events “incidental journalism.” I choose to respect the band’s desire to keep the project a relative mystery and to let the music speak for itself.


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