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Vital updates from the Brisbane musics

I thought I’d write some things about things that have been and gone since I was last here. Which was longer than I expected. A sympathetic reason for that would be that I have had tonsillitis. A more realistic reason would be that I’m fucking lazy.

What did happen in Brisbane? We took a few steps back as a state. Gravity is no longer recognised and once again more than four people together on the street is considered a gang.

Also: A gig at the Waiting Room on Thursday the 26th April with Amateur Childbirth, Curlew, Pink Mouse and Kaspar Schnyder. Amateur Childbirth is this guy called Ivan who is one of the best songwriters in Brisbane. By that I mean, dude with a guitar singing words that are supposed to be paid attention to. This lyrical content is very descriptive; my favourite line is “They found me on a vibrating bed with chest full of tapes of midget sex.” I’d hope that some of those tapes would star the midget porno double of Gordon Ramsey who was sadly taken from us by a badger. You can buy the Amateur Childbirth LP from Rocking Horse records for $15. It could be the best thing you can buy there for that price. Now Segway-ing off the cliff-face into Curlew. That’s what I’m doing. We’re doing.

Curlew breasted by Mark Zian (I am Not a Nihilist, Knee Chin) and buttocks-ed by Callum Wheeler (Skerreks) is all about long songs. Song long. Slongs. Mark is breaking out his own native accent for this project. That has to be my favourite point of this duo, Mark’s voice. Sincerely. Mark’s giving the best vocal performance of his career, careering off the road and into Bono’s amnesty international stamped vegan hot dog stand, side-swiping Bono in the process. Bono later died in the hospital. AND he sounds a little like Gareth Liddiard but maybe because he looks like him a bit due to the hair on his head and also on his face, predominantly the jaw and the sides of the face. Beard, if you will. Callum kinda looks like a muppet, as if there are two professional puppeteers controlling him. One puppeteer is controlling the arms, the other, controlling the head. He’s got that deadpan stare and a face that’s given nothin’ away. It’s quite zen-like. Callum’s a really good drummer and he seems so effortless. I wonder what brand of deodorant he would promote.

Then I went to this other gig some time after that I can’t be assed checking the date right now, I’m tired and I’m hung-over. (Bruer’s Bright is a good beer but really fucking steamrolls you in the morning. Rough ride. Like my brain is Laurence R. Harvey’s penis and my skull is the sandpaper he’s using to masturbate with.) Alright, this gig was at Black Bear Lodge and playing was Rick Fights (Matthew Somers ex-I heart Hiroshima), Cameron Hawes (Cam Hawes ex-I Heart Hiroshima) and Kitchen’s Floor (Matt Kennedy ex-French Horns).

Cam Hawes’ current project is Martyr Privates, a Spacemen 3 inspired rock band from Brisbane (obv). Here he’s doing a song I don’t recognise. I think he was using some sort of freeze pedal? My friend mentioned something about that… some freeze function. What’s it supposed to do? Say horrible puns? Ah what a piece of shit film that was. But ahh yeah. Cam. He’s great. I really liked this one. Nice and delicate, he’s a great guitarist and such a calming presence.

Some time last week Merzbow played some feedback for an hour, which was louder than when I saw Lightning Bolt in 2009. That was my previous benchmark. Brisbane’s Cured Pink supported. There are some robots there. Contraptions of sorts. A portable grinder desk… presumably for the woman of the household to grind off dead skin on her face. The absolute pinnacle of exfoliation technology. It’s not something I’d do, I’d much rather use some kind of cream because I don’t like rubbing things like that in my face. EXAMPLE: those loofah scrubbers. I don’t particularly want to scrub my face with one of those. And that’s what Cured Pink should be more like. I would go and see Cured Pink and I should be very well afraid of what will happen to my face. Uncomfortable exfoliation. Oh and yeah recently they all got arrested for trespassing while recording a tape in an abandoned TAFE building. It took six police officers to bring down the trio as I think they were on the second floor of the building. They all appeared in court and none of ‘em got fined.

Joshua Watson films bands and writes and he’s got a blog called Tape Everything.  This is his second installment of videos and information about bands and happenings up in Brisbane and my hunch is that he’ll keep doing it.  We’re hoping to expand this kind of thing into our other cities, and I’ll get right on that.  Otherwise various content from Josh can be found in the Live Videos section of Skydreams, and on his Vimeo, obviously.


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