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Twerps at Goodgod Small Club Finale

Twerps joined Straight Arrows and Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys on an electro-magnetically charged evening for the last ever bands show at Goodgod Small Club. On my way, I sat waiting for a train as titanic lightning strikes hit nearby. I contemplated the protection a thin metal roof was likely to offer from electricity that rises from the ground. Good to feel small and human. All the better context while heading towards a lineup that promised much.

Twerps have so many hits. What kind of band is this? Making the very most of music’s most basic chord patterns. Lovely guitar interplay, stop-start drum rhythms and bare minimal effort for big effect in the murmured vocal harmonies. Some bands get it right straight away.

This set was a classic. Dreamin, This Guy and Who Are You from Twerps circa 2011. Also Back To You from Range Anxietyreleased in January. They opened with Work It Out, an old favourite from 2012.

Goodgod Small Club will be missed. Apparently new people are taking over the space, to be called Plan B Small Club, and who knows what might come from that. Perhaps it’ll be more set upon electronic and dance, which is valid and some of the best things Goodgod has been about. Still, this might have been the last appearance of bands for a while.

I came through Goodgod right as it opened in 2009. My old band Ghosts Of Television played one of our last shows there. I’ve lost count of the bands. A few highlights I’ve filmed: Danger Beach, Day Ravies, Dead Farmers, Kirin J Callinan, Pop Singles and Raw PrawnBlack Vanilla, Major Napier, East River, King Tears Mortuary and B Deep all played our third birthday party in 2013. That was a great night.

Congratulations to Jimmy Sing and everyone who’s worked at Goodgod over the years. It’s been an amazing run and the city is much richer for the experience. Countless bands, producers and DJs have started out and audiences have seen many of the world’s best in that funny little space. So we can hope to see another like it.

There’s plenty more happening before the end! Pelvis, Ben Fester, Noise In My Head, Kowton, Cliques and EK Collective are on tonight. While on Saturday, Milwaukee Banks, Manu Crooks and a Mount Rushmore of Goodgod DJs are in for The Final Dance.


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