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This One’s For My Friends

This One’s For My Friends is the first release on Skydreams. It was never an explicit intention, but neither was putting on a festival or various other things that have happened. In a great piece of news, my friend Sevana Ohandjanian is joining me as the editorial on here, with some writers from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne getting on board. All will be announced in time. We’re also sorting out this website behind the scenes. Soon you will be able to get around the amorphous archives with enjoyment.

In the meantime, this thing. Some kind of greatest hits episode of the Ben and Nick Local Music Show, without the show. A lot of this material has been hidden away on hard drives or tapes in people’s rooms, other tracks were made over the last week, and two were even made the day and night before its release on August 20.

The Raindrop track is from an imminent EP; Wild Cat Falling is soon to release a 10-track record, Jasper Clifford Smith has singles and collaborations on the way; Edwin Sheather’s ‘Interpretive Dance Techniques For The Dead’ is from his Seaside Suicide LP just released on cassette; Planktan Sanquin’s ‘Clapstix’ is off his new Blue Ether LP, Buzz Kull are about to return from a US tour with some shows in Sydney; Destiny 3000 have been recording in a proper studio; Neulords have a new single to soon follow Cold Love; and the rest are mostly bedroom projects, side projects and things that are developing toward becoming something that may emerge into the live music realm.

So we’re a label now and have a nice selection of releases on the way. This compilation idea is going to be a quarterly series that will continue in the same spirit of bringing you somewhat revelatory things you’ve never heard before.


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