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Sydney Lockouts: The Machiavellian Theory

I’m no ‘investigative journalist’ but to me the reason behind the lock-out laws seems pretty clear and it’s sure as hell not because of our safety…

In once pumping locations like King Cross, Oxford Street and the city centre, more than 40 bars and venues have been shut down. That’s right, the government sits back as business after business goes under – yet they don’t bat an eyelid. Could it be that it’s because that was the plan all along? Businesses shut down, the city goes quiet, spaces go unused. Throw in ‘no take-aways after 10pm’ and you’re going to have a pretty angry city of people. All for safety? It doesn’t make sense? What’s next?

Now they wait for ‘The People’ to uprise in return of the city; and soon – not just yet, but after the election – it will be returned. That’s right – in a seeming victory for The People the lock-out laws will be lifted from Sydney. Mike Baird will be out of the job by then but whichever crony takes his position will make a blushing speech: “We believe we sent a clear message that violence within our city will not be tolerated, but for now – the government has heard you – and we will run a trial period without the lock-outs.”

Hooray! A win for The People! Freedom! Democracy!

Garbage. It’s part of the plan.

In case you haven’t realised – Sydney will never be the same.

You remember your favourite bar? It’s not there anymore. The owner’s had to forfeit their lease on that space when the government squeezed them out to near bankruptcy, and now? They probably don’t have the money to get it started up again. My bet is they’re burnt out by the whole experience and have probably moved onto other work.

But… What about all these empty venues in the heart of the Sydney?


Surely someone will start new venues there again?


Who has the money to start a venue?


That is the golden question.

Prime real estate up for grabs – who wants it? I’m sure Packer has some money left after building his casino. He sure would have a lot of friends with plenty of money to buy up a bar. Hell! Between them they could easily BUY UP ALL OF THE VENUES THAT WERE SHUT DOWN AND REDEVELOP THEM HOWEVER THE HELL THEY WANT.

Now we’re getting to the point. The dark hard truth. The means to the end of why the lock-out laws were put in place to begin with.

The city has been wiped clean. Like vomit on the sidewalk of Bayswater Road, it is now a gleaming surface bursting full of opportunity – for the highest bidder – and that bidder is the elite – and you and I will spend $15 for a beer.

Mark these words – Sydney will be a vibrant cosmopolitan city once more, but unlike before, where you liked to support your small local bar; even though you can hardly make rent… Your hard-earned cash will be funnelled back up the golden pyramid to the elite. Why? Because entertainment pays. Especially in times of economic depression. The People Plebs need it. And they’ll get us any way they can. Also, tourism.

And the worst of it? They used the deaths of some poor kids as a scape-goat to kick-start their agenda. So, when the venues in the Sydney do start running again… You may want to consider boycotting them.

Keep Sydney Open is staging a major rally this Sunday, February 21, meeting at 12pm at Belmore Park. Visit the Facebook event for more information. This is a moment that requires people in the streets. Take a stand against government policies that are inflicting lasting damage upon our city and its culture.



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