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1. The Cure – Six Different Ways

My collection of songs all have a consistent theme, that of getting high. As I sit here now, waiting for my man, my girl tells me he shall be 25 minutes away. I hope and yearn that by the time I finish compiling that everything shall fall into place and that everything becomes 4:20 in my bedroom. This song by The Cure is probably one of their weirdest, with nothing else of theirs sounding anything like it. Hear that weird bubbling sound about 00:07 minutes into the song? And that “WOOSH” at 0:22?  Oh yeah, I know what that reminds me of…

2. Bongwater – What Kind of Man Reads Playboy?

This one doesn’t shy away from the bong sound effects either. That and how funny it is could make you actually think you’re baked without actually engaging in the act. But really, who would prefer that to an actual jazz cigarette?

3. Massive Attack – Blue Lines

If I were my parents, this song is from the album that would always give me away to my kid were I to be worshiping the Mary Jane. Even if my child wasn’t aware of what that smell was anyway.

4. Killer Bong – Osaka Dub

I’m starting to regret throwing together so many songs without actual music videos. Or perhaps that’s me regretting not having shot any videos for these otherwise video-less songs. I should dust off my camera, charge those batteries and film inside the recycling bins or something. That might be a good idea, oh- whoa, that sound at 5:16, is that a machine gun or a bong? Cooooool.

5. Dave Wise – Hot-Head Bop (Donkey Kong Country 2)


This song is from the lava level of DKC2. I love the Donkey Kong soundtracks. I played this game more than a decade before my first forays into stone age, and perhaps, in an alternate reality, one in which grass don’t exist (!!), this might take the place of all other circumstances where I’d otherwise be puffing clouds with friends and animals.

– alas, that is not a reality.

My man is here… just in time.  THANKS

Subaquatico Goya studies and makes music in Melbourne, and plays keys in Whipped Cream Chargers. Hit up his Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


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