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Six Favourite Songs At The Moment

L-Vis 1990 – Not Mad

This is some exciting shit. L-Vis played here in Sydney a few weeks ago and I was massively bummed to miss it (was too busy doing fuck all on a beach in Thailand). The track chugs along with those relentless handclaps interspersed the kind of sub kicks and synth stabs that have become synonymous with the Night Slugs label of which L-Vis is one of the founders. This is some of the most interesting electronic music being made in the world at the moment and you should check out the Night Slugs All Stars Vol. 2 Compilation for more brilliance like this.

Big Star – Thirteen

Big Star are kind of like America’s Go-Betweens in that they never received the popularity they deserved and were largely adored by critics and have a solid, cult-like fan base. This is one of the more tender cuts off their first record, titled #1 Record, and shows the kind of songwriting prowess that Alex Chilton possessed, who alongside Chris Bell wrote virtually all of Big Star’s tunes. Lovely.

Youth Lagoon – Dropla

The first time I listened to this song, I didn’t like it. It just felt like too much following on from the first Youth Lagoon record, The Year of Hibernation, which I played to death upon its release two years ago. But after a few more listens to this song, and the record it’s from, Wondrous Bughouse, it all clicked. The palette of sounds and textures that Trevor Powers is now working with are much broader and he has managed to create a beautifully modern, psychedelic tune with this particular track and indeed with the rest of the album, which is wonderful.

Danny Brown – Die Like a Rockstar

Danny Brown don’t give a fuck about anything, and seems like a properly crazy individual from the interviews I have read and seen him in, and from this song and the record it’s taken from, XXX. The man clearly has a penchant for ingesting ungodly amounts of drugs, as suggested by lines such as “Manuscript, sick shit, prescription addiction/Sniffing Adderall off the counter in my kitchen” and “Bitch, I wanna party like Chris Farley/Shot of Hennessey spiked it with some molly”. This is all rapped over an unrelenting beat, with sinister synthesizers coloring the whole track in a sense of dread.

Miguel – Use Me

This is one of the best pop tunes I have heard in quite some time. Adorn is the cut that everyone seemed to go crazy over last year, but this is without a doubt my favorite song off his debut record from last year, Kaleidoscope Dream. Miguel sits alongside pop artists like The Dream and The Weeknd who have broken onto the scene over the last five years or so and is worthy of being associated with such distinguished artists. Everything about the song is brilliant, but I absolutely love his vocal style; it is certainly the showcase here.

My Bloody Valentine – Who Sees You

So the general consensus seems to be that the new MBV record rules; that’s probably because it does. The first time I listened to it in its entirety, I was sitting on a beach in Thailand waiting for a ferry after having just flown from Australia to Bangkok then jumped on another flight then into another fucking vehicle of some description to get onto a ferry. This record proved the perfect antidote for my weary mind. It washed over me as an MBV record should, and, despite having chosen this song because it is my favorite, I could have chosen any from the record. It was definitely worth the 22-year wait.

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Daniel Hollins is a musican, writer and football enthusiast from Sydney who has written for Skydreams about The Olympics, Comedy Podcasts and a Top Five as Ombudsman.


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