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Planktan Sanquin releases Luxurious Crocodilic Automobile

Planktan Sanquin is the predominant solo moniker of Aemon Webb from Sydney, Persuasion Officer at Etch_music, and today he released Luxurious Crocodilic Automobile, ‘a remix of a Merzbow track.’

I really dig it. I can say its vibe is a little strange, a little space-age … perhaps even unsettling. It has a certain sweetness to it running along the ghosted piano lines, almost soul sounding, but the beating dooms and bursts of compressed air make for a discordant mix of emotions … like I don’t much know where to stand in the room.

On one side or in one corner I’d likely be catching more of the keys and could just about be talking to a girl or something, but there’s a menace to it. A repeating dread. Sounds of shuttles and confusion. Not to say it’s been constructed by accident. It could be the soundtrack to space travel, the inevitable point in the long journey between planets wherein one of your crew mates has lost it and shut themselves inside the exercise hatch, playing loops of future disco through the intercom and driving up the potential for ultra-violence.

This record reminds of The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch by Philip K. Dick. It could be backing music for their drugged trips into the world of miniature figurines on CAN-D, escaping the banality of scraping an existence from the surface of asteroids. It’s sounds like this that keep me far away from horse tranquilizers … that shit is just too crazy.


  • Founder and Editor of Skydreams. Producer of Telepath on FBi Radio.

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