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Marcel Whyler talks Buzz Kull & Neulords

Q: Buzz Kull is heading over to the United States in late July, what cities are you going to?

A: We managed to line shows up all along California, Portland, Seattle, Reno and NYC. And we’re filming a new video in Palm Springs with Jesse Willesee. We unfortunately we had to pull the pin on NYC for a possible other international tour in December.

Q: So good. Am I right in thinking that Buzz Kull got started by you making bedroom recordings in early 2012? How is it that you’ve managed to get along the road quick enough to be heading to the States already?

A: Yeah early 2012 was a dark time, I was spending a little too much time on my own and working a job that was causing severe sleep deprivation. Which ended in me sitting in my room writing depressing songs. Since it became a real band, I knew this was the project that I wanted to take overseas, so it was my objective from the start. I lucked out and was connected to some small labels to release some singles in America and Europe. After that I had the choice of touring either.

Q: Did you become connected to these small labels through your tracks getting around online? Soundcloud? Good blogs overseas?

A: Yeah I received messages from the labels on Soundcloud when the songs became popular online. The online blogs were a huge help for where I am at now.

Q: Ah that’s cool. It’s probably tough for you to have perspective, but what do you think appeals to people about Buzz Kull’s music?

A: I guess one thing that brings me towards music that I try and recreate is the sounds that people are not familiar with. I guess that could be one trait. People are hearing foreign sounds that draw them closer.

Q: Is it a bit funny or weird to see songs you wrote in a dark state of mind attract adoration from people around the world?

A: Not at all, I love dark music and I have always surrounded myself with dark music, but it’s something you can’t show people. When you try and show someone a dark song you could completely ruin their day. It has happened before, I am pretty sure it happens every time my parents ask to hear my new work.

Q: What kind of stuff are you working on at the moment? Do you have new releases on the way?

A: As bad as it may be or sound, I am still working on my EP. I have hit a bit of a wall in regards to writing with this tour coming up and the videos and collaborations (Neulords). I am close to finishing it, there are just a few small things I need to complete. There will be a single coming out for it soon called Echo Planes.

Q: Oh awesome, do you record your stuff at home or head into a studio? Do you produce it all yourself?

A: I do it at home and then with some tracks I will take them over to my producer’s house (Yama Indra) and we will work on them together in his home studio. Otherwise I just record them straight from home.

Q: I’m going to shift gears and ask some things I found by googling “Questions to ask people.” If you could live anywhere, where would you go?

A: Although I have never been before I would say NYC or LA. Most of my friends live there and living seems generally cheaper than most other places (including Sydney).

Q: What’s one of the strangest things you’ve ever done?

A: I have done too many strange things to decide on the most obscure. When I was younger, I went to the same pre-school as my older brother. I was a bit of a loner so I hung out with him and his friends. One day they told me to go under the sprinkler and dance with a dolly of some sort, in my underpants. I have no idea why, but I did it. My punishment was to hang out in my jocks for the remainder of the day.

Q: Ten bucks says they wouldn’t make a kid sit around in his underpants these days.

A: Hahaha, yeah it was a lose-lose situation. I think my clothes got wet also. I was fucked either way.

Q: That story seems reminiscent of you performing at Moonshakes in boxer shorts and a dressing gown.

A: Haha yeah unfortunately I fucked myself on that situation not putting Goodbye Horses at the end of the set there, so doing the rest of the show in my jocks and gown. There is a scene in Silence Of The Lambs where Buffalo Bill dances to the song in nothing but a gown and tucks his penis between his legs and dances around to Goodbye Horses. It’s one of the most incredible scenes from a film I have ever seen.

Q: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

A: There hasn’t been anything spectacular because I am always focused on setting higher goals for myself rather than looking back on the past, but so far the project as a whole I am most proud of. I try not to hesitate on making decisions and so far it’s doing me justice and I could not be happier.

Q: Who are some people you’d like to meet some day?

A: Kenneth Anger. Gary Numan. Fad Gadget.

Q: What are some of your favourite websites that other folks might not know about?

A: Vintage Synth, I love to nerd out on this site. Discogs. Also Japanese yahoo auctions.

Q: Where did you shoot the new video for Visions and Lights? What’s it like working with the esteemed Daniel Havas?

A: We shot the video around the rocks north of Bondi. There is this place near the golf course that reminds me of the cliff scene from the film “The Good Son.” Between Havas and myself I was really impressed with how quickly the video came together. It was a smooth operation. I think he has so much potential and the talent he possesses grows on what seems like a weekly basis.

Q: You also produced the debut clip for Neulords with Havas … is there something in the style of his work that fits the vibe of your music?

A: Yeah I didn’t take much part in the creative direction of that because I wanted it to be more of a thing between Louis and Havas. I guess one advantage Havas has with Neulords is that the beats are mostly hip hop affiliated which seems to be right up his alley.

Q: Tell me about this collaboration with Louis Roach. How did it get started and what’s the vision you guys have for the project?

A: Originally there was no real direction other than the request from Louis was to make it dark. The song was done last year and I left it in the hands of Louis of what he wanted to do with it. In the end we decided on making it into an external project.

Q: Were you guys in the same city when Cold Love was recorded?

A: I was at home in Sydney and Louis had just moved to Melbourne I believe. So we did the whole collaboration via email.

Q: Is there any intention for Neulords to play shows?

A: I am sure once we have a few more songs ready we will pre-organise shows in each other’s cities if we feel it’s something we should take on. I like the idea of it.

Q: How would describe the music of B. Deep?

A: It has a very vast electronic element, though Louis is pumping out so many songs it’s always changing colours in my perspective in a positive way. It’s a versatile project that can appeal in many different lights.

Q: Can you name a few Australian bands and producers that you like?

A: Pairs (Ex-Australian-China), Drown Under, Multiple Man, No Art, Super Galaxies, Sucks, Night Fields, Kirin J Callinan, HTRK, Virgo Rising, Cabins, The Grease Arrester, Whipped Cream Chargers, B. Deep, Gloves (Yama).

Q: Where can readers see Buzz Kull perform before you head to America?

A: We are playing this weekend at Red Rattler mini festival celebrating their success with the fundraiser (Save The Rat), Saturday June 15th. We are also playing at Jesse Willesee’s Product Placement show on Wednesday the 19th at District 01 Gallery.

Five Tracks With Marcel


Away from everything happening in Los Angeles, New York City and London, there is Die Selektion (Greece). Du Rennst was the first song I heard, the impact it possesses is out of control! Big industrial bangers with what I believe is a trumpet in some tracks?


Press play, close your eyes. Think of all the great things you can accomplish in the coming days. Let the epic build up of this song bring tears to your eyes. I am not going to lie, I have witnessed Holy Fuck perform this song a bunch of times and I had tears running down my face. One of the best live shows I have ever seen.


When ever I am on a plane or any public transport in that matter, I will have my headphones in, listening to HTRK’s “Work, Work”. It gives me a feeling of a drug induced sleep, still conscious and no care of whats going on around me. It is like a sonic muscle relaxant.


The fact this song is featured on a soundtrack for an extremely dark film (Silence Of The Lambs), in my eyes, is a beautiful thing. I love that it’s such an uplifting song and brings out the happy side in me, though there is a hidden darkness to it which I try and portray when I write. For those who know me, are well aware, I will never go on a car trip without listening to this track.


I am not much of a romantic, though I will happily live vicariously through songs like this, it has a 60s pop/doo-wop charm that brings me to my knees (mentally). Suicide are a huge influence on my writing as I am sure they are for many others.




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