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LUCIANBLOMKAMP came through Sydney on his national tour with LOWER SPECTRUM, one week after the release of his second album, Bad Faith.

“Bad Faith is a contradiction. It is about everything and nothing. In some ways, its lack of meaning becomes its own deeper meaning. Similarly this reflects in the tracklist and my choice to have half the album instrumental and half the album featuring vocals.”

This Melbourne producer is a super heavy hitter. Deep beats are immersed in live violins, heavily layered synths and a disembodied vocal style. It’s a cold and retreating sound. Stark, distant and ominous. Yet despite these overtones, the performance carries real emotion. Across his Plan B set, he swept wildly between his take on instrumental hip hop, electronica and cavernous, orchestral pop.

The Overman was the advance single from the record and a highlight of this show. The drop that comes around 5.45 mins is the shit.


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