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1 . Bernard Hermann – Still I Can’t Sleep/They Cannot Touch Her [Betsy’s Theme]

This song makes me sigh.  It is beautiful in the most kind and elegant way, yet that beauty slides in and out of view as time passes and change pushes darker figures into my line of sight.  In a sometimes misled search for purity of self and for a beauty in which to become immersed in a relatively dark world, this song sounds like my mind when it isn’t pretending to be tough.  It is the worship of all that is romantic in this world beyond the cold and calculating human pyramid that wobbles and weeps as it reaches up to the impenetrable heavens.

2. Nico – Somewhere There’s a Feather

A strange and somber type of Zen.

3. Clouds of Dawn – Dead Moon

This band have plenty of great songs, any of which could take this place.  At first I wanted to put up “Cast Will Change”, but this one appeared instead.  They don’t beat around the bush with metaphors but are perfect as a symbolism.  This may sound strange but sometimes I put this song on just before I go to bed, and then end up playing two to six others just to quell and satiate the emotional waves that it gave rise to.

4. Charles Mingus – Duet Solo Dancers


Jazz is relatively new to me.  Good jazz conjures an image and makes it real.  This song reminds me of a waterfront bar up two flights of stairs, a haunt of the rich who travel to just beyond the wrong side of the tracks in search of something romantic and hip to wile away their hours.

Amongst the tailored suits the soloist makes a move to show the world who he is.  The future seducing him forwards he stands in the spotlight.  At first through his music he speaks to his audience of a great beauty that he views from afar and hopes will be his to hold one day, but as he progresses his imperfections, un-tailored, his humanity, begins to show.  Chaos enters into the manicured scene, tearing it asunder filling it with the terrors of the ticking of the clock; by the end he sings a tune reminiscent of his great beginnings, an attempt to win them back after the faux paus of truly speaking his mind.

In some way, some how, like deus ex machina, peace is restored, romance makes an image in the minds of the audience as time flows ever forwards with them in its grasp.  He smiles, even if only for himself and for the hidden love which sustains him as he finds his way home in the darkest moments of the night.

5. Ric Cartey – Heart Throb

Rockabilly is misunderstood.  It is seen as quiffs and motorcycles, made kitsch and therefore considered to be a wholly pretentious vein of music, but this song has all the right type of pose to it.  A thin musical veil for the drives that bring lovers together.  For Rockabilly, within its musical confines there is hidden some of the best music ever written, and so many songs which are so generic and put-on that they are unlistenable.  I found this on a multi-disc compilation which, to my taste, only had one other truly good song on it.  An example of why even in the digital age you still have to search for the good stuff.


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