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Five Videos ‘Just For Fun’ With Setec

Read our interview with Setec from May 2015 and listen to his last album, Brittle As Bones.

The Ross Sisters – Solid Potato Salad

I’ve never seen the movie this is from. Truth be told, I’ve never actually looked into the movie it’s from. That would ruin the beauty of seeing this scene in a vacuum, raising all of its wonderful questions without a broader context. Are these girls characters in the film? Is their contortionism a part of their backstory? Were their spines made of soup? Did one of them ever get stuck like that and have to spend the rest of her life walking around looking like a cat cleaning itself?

Bjork – Live At Royal Opera House

One of my fierce and uncompromising heroes. The way Vespertine was presented live was a perfect embodiment of the album – dramatic and hugely conceptual but with a minuteness and sensitivity that would’ve been incredibly hard to pull off. Bjork managed to balance a full orchestra and choir with a live band (including electronic duo Matmos) and in doing so created a real companion piece. I’m a sucker for big ideas done in fun ways, so I love watching Matmos create the beats for one of the songs by rubbing contact microphones on each other sensually, or stepping inside a box full of snow to create the rhythm to Aurora.

Mr. Chi-City Style – Christmas Give-Away

This guy fills me with joy. Giving out Christmas cheer on the cold-ass streets of Chicago. One of the only video-makers I actually kept up with on the internet. I really wish he’d come back to YouTube. Also, honourable mentions go to the video where he describes the contents of his fridge for ten minutes.

Musical Horse

Still better than Lulu.

Hugh Jackman – ‘Hacker Scene’ in Swordfish

When I was younger and really into computers, I wanted to grow up and become a hacker. I downloaded files called hack.exe from Kazaa, had a list of alphanumeric passwords taped underneath my bedside table, and often made friends watch me type nonsensical code into the DOS command prompt smugly.

I feel like much of this was spurned on by Hollywood’s incessant use of montages like this, filling young Josh with ideas of computer hacking involving naked women, 3D cube-making and smoking cigars like Hugh Jackman in Swordfish. I mean, I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s actually like but who has the time, really?

Honourable mentions also go to Mr Robot (2015), the DVD cover of which actually bears the text “OUR DEMOCRACY HAS BEEN HACKED”. It’s real bad.



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