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East River release Modular Handshake

East River are one of my favourite bands ever to emerge into the Sydney scene. Three mates making fuzzy kinda ’60s surf and garage rock n’roll. Some combination of those forces. But otherwise skateboarding, gardening, building stuff, making videos, camping out in the woods, doing whatever they felt like.

They actually quit playing live a couple years ago, but have just released Modular Handshake, their fourth album, a collection of unreleased tracks recorded in Lewisham around 2010 to 2013. I’ve played every single one on radio over the years. This record comes as Patch, their guitarist, singer and general high quality human has just moved back to New Zealand.

Shout outs, big ups and thanks to everyone who was there from the start & anyone who bought, enjoyed and supported East River in the past 5 years or whatever. East River is more of a lifestyle than just a musical group. Music was just one of many activities we did as a collective.

Since East River stepped back as a band, Drew and Tom have performed and released music in the sewer jazz collective Wild Cat Falling. Drew also played various horns on the new The Laurels record, Sonicology. Meanwhile, Patch went more into electronic music as Patch Free with a couple of collaborative releases with Tuff Sherm aka Dro Carey, Party Scraps EP and Derm Werk.

It’s excellent to have Modular Handshake out in the world where more people can hear these songs. This band made things better by doing what they did. The key release is Where’s The Medicine Man? from 2012. That record is the shit.


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