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The following conversation with Jules Ferrari was recorded at Sydney Park in St Peters from about 5 to 6:30pm on October 15th 2011. This is the second half, picking up where we left off in Part One after purchasing some non-alcoholic refreshments and moving to a hillside beneath some trees on the other side of the park as the light faded into sunset. Jules had just returned from Vipassana, a Buddhist meditation retreat that involves ten days of silence. Quite a few people seemed to enjoy the first section, and here we present the finale.

Jules: Yeah I definitely want to make my life a lot more quiet. And the things that I do put in it I want them to be quality.

Nick: I think I rationalise some of those sport video games in that they’re kind of like playing chess … or something like that. That’s what I’m going with at the moment. But yeah, I’ve thought about it many times, that there could be no greater waste of time than video games, but then again it exists anyway … unless you’re doing something in the real world of some affecting importance more than just going to get something to eat or whatever, it’s really hard to actually do something in the real world, it depends what you want to do.

J: Yeah it’s so … I feel it’s really important for me to be productive. For so long I’d just get lost in life, my life or other people’s lives … Uh oh, there’s that scary dog again. He’s so angry, he should chill out.

N: I get really hyped when I see people doing stuff, like recording something …

J: Yeah it’s awesome.

N: … or filming or whatever. Writing something and then doing it. Stuff like that, it’s cool. Or people who are really into sound and producing stuff, I dig it.

J: Yeah the other thing since I’ve come back from Vipassana with is I find the intellectualisation of life brain-jarring, or like you know the idea of secret knowledge or occult knowledge. The idea that things have to be secret, I don’t believe in that. I think everything should be available and anyway, the truth is so simple. It’s like people are trying to hold other people away from experiencing something beautiful within themselves. I find that I can’t handle any of that stuff at the moment, I’m really negative towards it … and that’s fresh since I’ve always enjoyed talking concepts … I guess what I’m saying is that this next chapter will be a doing chapter. There is this rad quote, I cant remember who said it, but it’s something like ‘religion without action is just philosophy,’ that’s right on.

N: So do people have anything like a common experience in doing Vipassana? Or everyone reacts to it differently?

J: It appears that everyone reacts to it quite differently, yeah. A lot of people left.

N: Is it all very individual? Like how could people sort of band together at all if they’re not talking. Is there any of that that goes on or does everyone stick by themselves and whatever.

J: Um yeah, you’re not meant to look anyone in the eye. And you’re meant to think ‘I’m here alone,’ sort of thing. There were all these cherry blossoms that were blooming while we were there, it was really pretty and a lot of people, including myself, would go and fall asleep in this patch of lawn. And that was really nice cause that was like a shared thing but we were all very separate. It was the same faces. I mythologised some of the people there, I guess for my own entertainment. I was in love with this one shining beacon of light, she just radiated. I noticed on the bush trail that she was making these bush sculptures out of leaves and rocks and sticks and I started to communicate with her through them, by making my own or adding pieces to hers and vice versa, that was a really pure exchange. We never saw the other doing it and never spoke of it of course but both knew what was happening.

Motorbike roars by along the road as people chatter to each other standing nearby on the hillside.

J: I don’t understand why there’s three of them just standing there.

N: Checking out the sun.

J: Oh there is a concert.

N: It’d be good if it was Bruce Springsteen. It’d be heaps unexpected.

J: (laughs) It’d be good if it was Springsteen and he was playing that State Trooper song on repeat. That song’s cool.

N: If it was going to happen anywhere it would happen in this park. Wandering through like ‘Eh?’ There was a crazy circus here maybe six months ago or so.

J: Really?

N: Yeah I didn’t actually go to it, I should have. I can’t remember whether they had elephants or not, I don’t think so, which is good, but I was coming from work like this way through the park, and it was all tripped out and lit up all blue and bright red. And yeah some other time I was coming through and there was a couple of foxes in the park. And I had to think ‘Oh I’m not going to go that way,’ two crazy foxes.

J: That’s heaps cool. Foxies.

N: And there was this other time there was a possum that was really injured. And these people had stopped on the side of the road and I was just coming along and I was the first person to actually just stop and be like ‘What the hell?’ They were trying to call the cops or Wires, you can’t call Wires at night …

J: I think you told me, and then they drove it …

N: … yeah they drove it to Strathfield.

J: … yeah that’s amazing.

N: I thought, ‘Oh you people are cool.’ But then later I was thinking, were they going to return that possum to this park or just anywhere?

J: Hopefully they contacted some animal organisation.

N: Well humanity ran this possum over, I think it got hit by a car but it was still kind of walking … really whacked out, it was kind of okay. But then we take it, we drive it really far away, nurse it back to health and then just release it some random place.

J: Out in a foreign land.

N: It’d be like ‘God damn it!’

J: Yeah that’s like the story of Milo and Otis (laughs). Not really, but little animals away from home. They’ve got to get back to their home.

N: Is that like a dog and cat or something?

J: Yep, yep.

N: I haven’t seen that movie in ages.

J: I used to have it on VHS when I was a little kid. And Willow. Loved Willow, did you ever watch that?

N: I dunno if I have even now.

J: It’s pretty good, little dwarf communities in a medieval setting. Brilliant (laughs).

N: I saw this person like a week ago who straight up could have been a shape shifter.

J: Sick.

N: Yeah it was crazy.

J: Into which animal?

N: Huh?

J: Into which animal do you reckon?

N: Um I couldn’t really say, it was just like this really tall person, like six and a half feet tall, at least, or taller, and with this big kind of head, and it was like … if it wasn’t a shape-shifter then it probably was a transvestite.

J: (laughs)

N: But we were in a taxi, and the taxi driver was just some 60-some year old man, who I recognised, like I’d had him as a taxi driver about a year ago. He’s really, really old. And he just weirdly, this person was coming from like 40 or 50 metres away, the taxi driver said, ‘Got a weird look about her.’ If not a weird look … a something kind of harsh sort of thing, and it was really strange. We were in this tinted taxi, but just because I’d looked at this person, it was kind of like … it’s hard to describe. It sort of looked straight at me through the glass from all this distance away, and the look in the face was sort of shape-shifter-y.

J: Yeah right. An alien.

N: It’s difficult to explain. But it had this whole feel of like I recognised the type; I don’t know, I feel like I’ve been on a weird vibration so I think there’s all these games going on, that aren’t going on.

J: Really, like what type?

N: I dunno, energetic games I guess. Well it’s the hidden people, the weird people.

J: Like good and bad?

N: I guess so. Other people are more into it than I am, but you know, there was that time me and Lucas saw that seven-foot tall alien dude in Melbourne, those sorts of insanely strange characters. Just people that you see, either they’re a government agent or some weirdo, you can spot and pick weird people out sometimes.

J: Yep.

N: Yeah it’s difficult to explain. It’s impossible to express that story because it sounds like I’m just wigging out over a transvestite or something, but it seriously looked like some kind of shape shifter who was too tall and their body didn’t kind of work out.

J: Haha mad.

N: It was a very strange feeling of dread. Language fails me. I might be able to explain that story in German or something.

J: No I understand what you’re saying.

N: Yeah I’ve seen those people before, those agents.

J: Yeah.  eah I got a real sense of some “bigger picture” when we were in Varanasi on the Ganga, gliding past these Hindu temples and that stunning Mosque. Everyone’s praying, focusing their energy very specifically inside these structures and that group energy is then collected and stored up in these big domes or sharp structures like Hindu temples and churches while these very old rituals are taking place that I assume direct that energy on some grand scale out into the ether … it just dawned on me that all these storehouses of energy have roofs that are shooting straight up into the sky … into the “heavens” … where and why is this energy being shot out too? What is this mystery?

I thought about that a lot when we were all there, for the first time in a long time it seemed tangible to me that there was some kind of game going on, and not in a paranoid conspiracy kind of way, these structures are strange. I know there’s a game going on, what is it? I want to play, I want to be one of the good guys. Where is this energy going and why? And why are all these monotheistic religions all different to each other yet the same? Surely the frequencies being generated in each of these places of worship would be quite similar.

N: I remember being a little kid … cause we went to church when I was a kid …

J: Same.

N: … and um, I can remember being about five or six and I would have that idea that the church building was supposed to have this kind of power. And it’s really funny to think of being a little kid and going through the whole thing and then getting to about seven or eight and going ‘Nah, bullshit.’

J: Yeah.

N: Like thinking ‘Really? But what about all these questions I’m already having at eight years old. You gotta fill in a bit more here man.’ 

J: Yeah totally. Yeah when we’d go to church, my father … you know they’d get to that bit where it’s like Jesus is the only son of God or whatever, you’d have to say ‘yes’, that you believed it or whatever …  my father would always be like ‘Don’t say yes to that, everyone is God,’ he taught me that from a young age, the idea that we’re all connected. He’d explain to me that we were all godhead experiencing itself subjectively in a dream state but had forgotten that this down here was dream/illusion.

N: Yeah. Well I find it trippy now, like you know my parents ended up opting out of that whole church thing, but my dad had been a teacher in the catholic school system so he was going along with that. So then when he pulled me and my sisters out of catholic school, or my parents did, they said that made a fuss in his job kind of, or I found that out later. But anyway I just find it so weird that when we were younger, through church that whole community vibe, everybody’s in the church, I was born into that kind of thing … just like on The Simpsons or something, everybody’s part of this church, but now … what do we have? What’s the communal …?

J: Facebook (laughs).

N: (laughs) Oh shit you just blew my mind. Cause I had singing choirs and stuff in my head, and you just come out with Facebook …. Oh, and it’s so true. The Facebook wall is the new communal singing of psalms and stuff. Holy shit.

J: Yeah, it would be cool if that did take over. The internet.

N: What? Started making all the decisions?

J: The machine, yeah, I mean it wouldn’t be cool, but it would be … I used to have a really strong feeling that two reasons humans were on Earth, for evolutionary purposes, was the internet and space travel. And then we’d just die out. Don’t so much believe that anymore.

N: Well it’s a pretty amazing time to be alive …

J: So incredible.

N: … with where everything’s up to. Sort of born as the tip of the spear, just like every generation I guess.

J: It does feel like things are accelerating though.

A minute of wind and noise passes … the brakes of a bus screech gently on the side of the road … you can hear a little girl running around, crying out ‘Watch out everyone! Watch out! Watch Out!’

N: I’ve been having really crazy dreams lately.

J: Have you? Like what?

N: Ah, I had one a few days ago with like, I was climbing up the side of this really tall building, and at the top there was this big sort of observatory with mountains and stuff. Once you got up there in got into this whole galactic sort of space portal or whatever.

J: Yep.

N: But it was just a few times in a row I climbed up the side of this latticework all the way up the building, and at the very top there was a tree with tree roots you’d have to grab onto, but they’d all just splinter and shatter at the very top, you’d have to just scramble over. Well the second time I was doing it my friend Dominic Talarico was grabbing onto me from behind and sort of like pulling on me, just joking, and I’m holding on, going ‘Don’t man, don’t!’ 

J: Whoa.

N: I was getting really freaked out and somebody else was messing with me when I was going up this ladder, it was just so strange.

J: Trying to bring you down?

N: Yeah but that’s the thing, he’s not though, in real life. But anyway yeah, it was just some weird dream. And I was having another one which was a party in the city with heaps of people there, and I was with Nath and Dan, most prominently, and everyone was on some really weird drug. But it was just such an accurate impression of everybody I know and we were all on some weird, whack drug so it felt like it was real.

J: Yep.

N: And then I woke up like ‘Whoa,’ cause it was like a whole party that kind of was just really surreal.

J: Hehe.

N: Yeah, it was one of those things where if we had a party tonight, like from this moment, both of us definitely didn’t fall asleep so it was real, it was like falling asleep tonight and waking up in the real world. Like ‘Oh shit! I guess I don’t owe that guy any money.’ But I don’t know, it’s hard to say whether stuff’s getting broadened out or dimmed down, cause I can remember years ago you could have dreams where you mildly predict the future and all this kind of stuff. I don’t know, whether there’s less of that going on at the moment.

J: Really?

N: Well do you have premonitionary dreams?

J: Yep. I’m in the middle of these reoccurring dreams that take place once, sometimes twice a week and have been going on for about two months where I’m on the road, I’m in this troupe and we’re playing shows around Europe and there’s a lot that’s occurring each time but … the first dream, which was the beginning of it all, has … that’s pretty much all happened now. But I mean it took me a while to decode it, to decode the symbolism and relate it to my life. But yeah it definitely all happened. So it’s weird watching these other ones that come in and trying to figure out how that’s going to relate to my life in the future.

N: I’ve been having a whole series of ones that involve water. Water in different ways. And I’ve read that water and dark water is like your subconscious mind. And you’re trying to … say if you go fishing and stuff like that, the fish are parts of subconscious thoughts and all this kind of stuff.

J: Yeah right.

N: I had one a few nights ago where I was down at the Hawkesbury River, somewhere in that bunch of water between the coast and Sydney. And yeah I was at the Hawkesbury River and I think I was trying to get to work from the coast, by going on this boat, but then it was broken down and there was this whole really trippy scene. And there was some other one where there was a house on the beach, and the waves were crashing straight into this house …

J: Yep.

N: … and there was like a few people from my family were there, and a couple of other families that don’t really exist. But yeah we were right out in the water and there were these waves coming in, yeah … lots of wave dreams.

J: Yeah right.

N: Yeah the water ones have been interesting. Oh, actually the best one I’ve had in ages was … I was sort of inducted into this secret society, did I tell you about that one before?

J: Tell me a little bit more and I’ll tell you.

N: It was like I sort of found myself in this place that was like, I’d been tapped by these people. They’d taken me. And it was like this house, and I was out the back in this sort of tree-house thing and we were like … everyone who was there were like an inductee of varying levels at this place. And we were building this treehouse where we would hide behind these various things when the whoever-the-fuck the authorities of this world were, would come.

J: Sweet.

N: And so we had someplace to hide. And then like the leader, this lady, came and I went with her through the back of the treehouse and I saw that there was like you know, four or five of these wooden things laid out in a way so you couldn’t see them from the front. It was like in a split dimension or something.

J: Whoa.

N: And so anyway I was talking to this lady, and then you know she was talking to me about the stuff I’d be learning there as I went up the levels in whatever. And then I went outside from there and saw the house, and it was all big … and the idea was you start off like there’s a lot of working with your hands and everyone works on the gardens there and it’s like really slow thought and all this.

J: Yeah.

N: And I remember in the dream it was that Sarah Baiada was going to show up there or whatever, she was going to come and like all you guys I guess, like various friends we were all going to be inducted into this place or come into this kind of system of this sort of movement … movement of enlightenment, sort of in some split-off dimension.

J: Yep.

N: It was really strange that within that dream there were those authorities that were going to come and find us so we had to be hiding while we were doing it.

J: Yeah.

N: But I just woke up with the sensation of … that’s right, after that little bit, I was following the leader lady and where there were all those little houses was gone and it just the side of this lake, and there was some kind of water bird there, eating some fish, and she told off the bird for taking too many fish from the river.

J: Hehe.

N: It was that whole real kinda’ thick philosophy built into this place.

J: That’s awesome.

N: And I was there going ‘Oh, this is going to be sick.’ But I woke up and just wrote it all down, quick smart …

J: Cool.

N: … cause I was thinking ‘Damn that was a really intense one.’

J: Well you’ll go back there. You could go back there, like Richard Bach style. I go to the lodge too, mine is a lodge in this forest and there is a community of us there and I receive my lessons there.

N: Yeah Richard Bach, exactly.

J: I read that book, the one that you lent Lucas.

N: The plane book?

J: Yep. Awesome.

N: Yeah I like that book.

J: Yeah he’s a cool dude. He should be our friend.

N: Is he still alive?

J: I have no idea.

N: Yeah.

J: Or it doesn’t really matter if he’s dead anyway.

N: I’ve never read the Livingstone Seagull one.

J: I read that when I was little, my Dad made me read that.

N: Was it good?

J: To be honest I can’t really remember, I was like 12.

N: The Neverending Story is good, the book version.

J: I never read it.

N: I read it when I was a kid, I think I’ve told that story before … because I associate it with Cream completely, because I was listening to the best of Cream while I read the book.

J: (laughs) Oh yeah, it’s the same with me … I’d always … each Spring, or for like three Springs I read this book on Merlin, this trilogy, it’s fucking awesome, about Merlin and his crystal cave where he would receive his divine communication. And the first time I think my Mum had kicked me out and I was staying at my Dad’s and I had this rad room that I later accidentally burnt down, and I was just playing heaps of Zeppelin … so like yeah, Zeppelin for me is Merlin and the English countryside.(laughs)

Sick sunset.

N: Yeah, it’s kinda cool with synths pulsing out through there. ‘We live in the 21st century bitch.’

J: (laughs) Ha, yeah.

N: They didn’t have this shit in medieval times. We just do it casually, this isn’t even real grass … Whoa, can you see the sun on that building? Just coming into that window?

J: Oh cool.

N: Yeah I went up to the mountains with Sarah and Karina and that on Sarah’s birthday … we were driving back down at like four thirty, five o’clock and I realised I’d never seen the city from that angle before.

J: Oh really?

N: I’d always gone up on a train or coming back at night I guess. And yeah that view straight across the flat plain and stuff. Oh. It was just such a spin-out.

J: It’s pretty rad.

N: And there was a really massive, awesome moon that night as well. It was a crazy full moon. Oh and yeah it was a hectic full moon and I found on some British newspaper’s website this footage taken from the space shuttle or some shit, the space station, of over Australia between the 9th and 12th of September. And it was all this Aurora Borealis Northern Lights sort of thing …

J: Really?

N: … but it was a magnetic storm over Australia.

J: Whoa.

N: I’ll find the video and send it to you.

J: A magnetic storm.

N: Yep, it’s all this green light and hectic shit but we didn’t see it cause it was all grey skies, it was cloudy over that weekend …

J: Weird.

N: … but we would’ve seen massive streaks of green, so it was a full moon and that, and it was September 11th, Sarah’s birthday, all on one day. It was a lot of energy and crazy shit going on that day. So there’s something to be said either for coincidence or you know, that event of 9/11 is like somehow in the vibration.

J: Yeah.

N: I don’t think dates work that way. Historical physics. I’m not sure. So yeah, there’s crazy shit going on. It’s also a day of numerological significance in the Masonic calendar.

J: Really?

N: Yep. That was the date the new world order was declared and the date that they sparked the Gulf War, or the bombing of somebody was on that exact day.

J: Whoa.

N: It’s got some kind of significance in history, there’s been a lot of key battles that happened around then.

J: How peculiar.

N: Yeah I’m interested in that numerology stuff. I don’t really understand.

J: It’s funny I started seeing, each time I’d look at my phone or the computer cause I didn’t wear a watch, it’s always, always 4:44, 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, 2:22… sometimes 10:11 or 1:23 and that’s the only, pretty much the only time now, that is the only time I see. (laughs) I’ve either noticed it and then focused my energy on it and now it occurs, because I’ve done that. Or I’m just observing something that’s already there. Either way, I know I’m outta line with the universe if I see the time and I’m one minute off one of those numbers.

N: Yep.

J: I’ve either invented it or I’ve just tuned into it.

N: Can you observe symbols and stuff like that in dreams, in a premonitionary sense? You know how sometimes stuff happens and you’re like, ‘I definitely had this dream a week or so ago,’?

J: Yes.

N: It happened to me at futsal the other day. Like walking out onto the court and I was just like ‘huh!’. I felt so sure I’d had a dream about that happening, but I hadn’t. Like that dream didn’t happen but I had the feeling that it had happened before …

J: Yeah what is that?

N: … so it’s like, I dunno, what the fuck? It’s either a split dimensional thing or we can see through time a little bit.

J: Yeah. How weird is the déjà vu when it, you know cause sometimes it’s just an instant and then sometimes you acknowledge it, like ‘Whoa this has happened before,’ and then it’s still happening for a little bit.

N: And then it lingers.

J: And then it’s gone.

N: And then it dissipates. Yeah, what’s with that?

J: That’s amazing, it’s such a peculiar feeling.

N: It’s gotta be some part of our mind, some synapses that fire off.

J: Maybe.

N: It’s some kind of, that must be some really advanced human code right there, there’s a whole world of consciousness beyond the feeling of déjà vu, and that’s the shit when we’ll just master all knowledge.

J: Yep, (laughs) bring that shit on.

N: I can just see like if we could just push through that, imagine if we could have déjà vu about crazy nano technology, and then we just do it cause it was already, you know, premeditated …

J: It already exists somewhere.

N: Well exactly. It’s like Richard Bach or whatever, having dreams about stuff that just show you what to do.

J: Yep.

N: It does happen.

J: Yeah I liked that in that plane book where he talks about the idea that when you come up with an idea, it’s not yours, like everything already exists you’ve just sort of noticed it, discovered its already existing self.

N: Yep.

J: I thought that was a really cool idea. Cause there is that big sort of, I dunno, ownership’s a big thing.

N: Yeah.

J: Authorship or whatever. So humanistic.

N: I like that in that peculiar world they were just like, ‘Oh yeah, you guys show up all the time.’

J: Yep.  eah that was so cool.

N: ‘Yeah man, we know about your world, asshole. You guys are crazy. We just give you planes and shit.’ Isn’t it that everything there is really old stuff but then …

J: But really it …

N: … I forget, was there something about a girl and she had worked in the future one as well? Or something weird?

J: Yeah.

N: Or their real world is futuristic, what was it again?

J: Yeah she was going to get moved, she wanted to get moved into …

N: A different sector?

J: … yeah, into his world perhaps. Or oh no she was going …

N: Oh yeah, she was considering crossing over. To come and do our planes and stuff, and he was like ‘But they’d be like UFOs to you, you wouldn’t understand.’

J: It’s funny I had a dream where there was like a pigeon or a seagull or something in my lap and it was flapping about and it just like oh, it freaked me out. And since then birds are just coming so close to me.

N: Yeah.

J: Like to the point where I have this, I was walking on my street in Redfern the other day and this bird swooped in here and just flew by me, and I was like ‘What the fuck was that?’ Uh, and I’m trying to figure that one out at the moment.

N: A bird almost hit me in the face the other day.

J: Really?

N: It came straight at me, this little bird like this and I just sort of ducked and it was like pffffff ‘You little asshole’.

J: Wow. Why do the birds want our attention at the moment?

N: And then we have a gang of fucked up magpies that are so fucked up I saw them on the news.

J: Really? (laughs)

N: Yep, that’s another weird thing about the universe – that this occurred. I was at work and there was some story on the news that a study on like … why was this on the news and why did I see it? … that there had been a study on magpie attacks and the number one in the country was in the park outside our house at Simpson Park in St Peters …

J: That’s hilarious.

N: … number one in the country for magpie attacks, those asshole magpies live in my backyard.

J: How weird.

N: They are the ones committing the attacks and they live at my house, and they are dickheads.

J: That’s heaps weird, you’ve got to battle them.

N: They’re infamous birds. Birds so bad that they beat out road accidents and missing persons on the news.

J: I wonder what birds represent then?

N: The reptile, dinosaur intelligence.

J: Are they the same as that?

N: Yep, same line. Birds came straight from dinosaurs.

J: Oh ok.

N: It’s why they’ve got dinosaur feet.

J: Oh right.

N: Hectic dinosaur feet.

J: Yeah they’ve got claws.

N: I don’t understand why all the flying … well not, you know, how dinosaurs turned into birds, like those early dinosaurs that had feathers and stuff, and flew around.

J: Really?

N: Yeah, they were the ones that started to have feathers and fly around like flying lizards and stuff.

J: Yeah right.

N: But they eventually turned into birds and had like the hollow bones and stuff.

J: Yep.

N: Yeah like obviously after the meteorite came down or whatever happened, and like all those dinosaurs died, the mammals somehow survived as rats or whatever.

J: Yep.

N: And yeah, I guess we’ve still got Komodo dragons and shit like that, crocodiles. It’s surprising more stuff didn’t survive, I guess it was the ice ages as well. But yeah there was something, I forget who it was, it was some scientist who had the theory, maybe it was Richard Dawkins, who said like ‘I imagine after some kind of nuclear holocaust or event that rats and cockroaches would’ … have you heard that thing?

J: Yeah, cockroaches are meant to be the only things that could survive.

N: Yeah. Have you heard the specific thing about evolution or whatever?

J: Mm mm.

N: He was saying that rats and cockroaches would survive and multiply and feed on the food stores of humanity like all the shopping centres and all that stuff. And then start to feed on each other after that. This is if humanity was just gone or bombs had gone off and stuff. And then fierce exploding populations rapidly evolving through exposure to radiation and all this stuff and going crazy …

J: Yep.

N: … within 10,000 years we could have herds of grazing rats out in fields being preyed upon by carnivorous rats, they’ll just go on and on over a few million years …

J: Whoa.

N: … leading to a rat-based hyper intelligence like ours that can pick apart the story of the collapse of Earth’s civilization that gave rat society its big break. It was like, he could conceive of that scenario.

J: Holy shit.

N: Yeah, something like that could happen, you know. Or dolphins. Give dolphins like a million and a half years, maybe they’ll like get some shit going in the ocean, or come out of the ocean maybe. We should get some dolphins out.

J: Yeah they’d be pretty sick to chill with.

N: Yep. That would be very cool. Imagine having some kind of riverside or ocean-side pad.

J: You’d just go and sit there and communicate telepathically with your dolphin mate. (laughs)

N: I’m gonna try to have a dream about that. That could be some really big … like I dunno, it’s because I guess in dreams you have all these landscapes and stuff …

J: Yep.

N: … but I can just instantly picture some house with a big tank where all these dolphins come down from the ocean and shit like that.

J: Yeah, yeah.

N: It’s weird how I can make those maps.

J: It’s awesome.

N: Like I had a dream a couple of weeks ago where it was kind of like I was hanging out at the White House or whatever, and then the White House was getting attacked from the front of the building.

J: Yeah right.

N: But we were just chilling in these heaps sort of ridiculous, hedonism-bot style weird stylings, like lots of ornate baths and shit everywhere. It’s what it was like inside the White House …

J: Haha.

N: … this really fat cat imperial sort of thing.

J: I’m cold now.

Nick takes off sunglasses.

N: Whoa, I’m so much more blind with these on.

J: It must have been really dark.

N: It was really dark I guess, but blinding in its darkness. It’s like I thought there was more light than there was … yeah, I wonder what other sorts of people we should try and get in on this book thing. There’s heaps of people I’d like to get involved in it, over time. Cause yeah it’s also like you can start to discover the sort of universal things that everyone’s sort of plugged into or just to see what any one person will say.

J: Yeah. Ash, Caleb, Lucas and I would try and meet once a week and just hang out and compare dreams and meditate or do different experiments for that same purpose. It would be cool to hone in with a group on something with intent, that whole Gurdjieff idea.

N: Yeah.

J: You know, like even a meditation or just doing a particular exercise or just trying to go somewhere together. Do exercises with it, see where we go.

N: Yeah group meditation would be cool. I’m really hyped to get a piano off Gumtree and just have a piano at this house.

J: Sweet. Yeah we’ve got a pianola at my house.

N: What’s a pianola?

J: It’s like a piano but then it has a music scroll that is sort of written in some Braille like fashion but that function isn’t working at the moment, but as a piano it’s really beautiful to play.

N: Yeah, cause I don’t know how to play it. So that’d be fun to try and learn.

J: Even if you just do something simple, because it’s such a dramatic instrument it just seems like everything’s of importance …

N: Yeah.

J: … each note, you know?

N: Ah it’s just such a nice sound. It’s amazing to think like the invention of the piano, whenever that happened, like couple of hundred years ago or whatever, it would’ve just blown minds. It was like the electrified music of the age.

J: Yep.

N: Just pounding fucking piano.

J: Yeah, that’s a weird thought.

N: I wonder, amongst all that Mozart and whatever stuff there was some guy who just pounded out E and C and D or something like that, and was just like ‘Yeeeah!’ That must have happened. It’s just no-one ever wrote that shit down.

J: Yep.

N: They were all like, ‘That’s rubbish.’

J: Haha.

N: It must have happened though. You know, just to think what people … I’m pretty much a nobody on piano, I don’t really know what I play, but I probably play stuff that’s similar to what a lot of other people will play …

J: Yep.

N: … for thousands of years.  That’s cool.

J: Yeah, tapping in…that’s a cool idea.



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