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1. Lower Dens – Brains

This is probably the best song I have heard this year from one of the best records so far this year, Nootropics. Lower Dens have managed to craft something of a masterpiece here, a song that will get under your skin and hypnotise.

2. Pearson Sound – Untitled

This is the kind of music that people who used to be into dubstep are making now. Calling on influences from Chicago juke house and the kind of shuffle and sub bass which made early dubstep tracks so infectious, Pearson Sound (formerly Ramadanman) is making the most interesting and forward thinking electronic music in the world at the moment. You just can’t fuck with the 808 heavy drum patterns in this one and that lead synth line which pops up sporadically to anchor each phrase to the next.

3. Joe Walsh – Life’s Been Good


Fuck the Eagles. Seriously. But not Joe Walsh when he is in solo mode. This song certainly has its moment of silliness (he talks about his Maserati and how rich he is for fucks sake), but the brilliance of the song itself cannot be denied. The middle section, held together by that great synth bass line throughout and a simple but awesome guitar solo are the song’s greatest strengths, as are the back up vocals in the chorus. Totally worth checking out the record this song is taken from, But Seriously, Folks…

4. PJ Harvey – The Colour of the Earth

I must have listened to this track at least two hundred times last year, probably more. This is about as perfect a song as is possible to be written in my mind. I challenge anyone to not be moved by the lyrics of this song, particularly when Harvey sings “He’s still up on that hill/Twenty years on that hill/Nothing more than a pile of bones/But I think of him still”. Beautiful.

5. Tom Waits – Hell Broke Luce

Tom Waits is still sticking it to any mother fucker at the age of 62. I would put Bad As Me from last year up there with his best work. The man is a fucking genius and isn’t afraid to do anything. This is a song about the potentially brutal effects of war on a human’s mind and it sounds like a war zone itself. Listen to this real loud and wait for those machine guns, yeah that’s right, fucking machine guns to start wailing in the middle of this Waitsian abomination.


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