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Crepes at Waywards

Crepes are my favourite new Australian band. Not sure I can really call them new anymore. They’ve been out in the world since late 2014. Still, their debut Cold Summers EP was one of the best local releases of last year, as I wrote about for Rolling Stone┬áin December.

“Emerging from the sleepy parts of the subconscious in April with a melancholic and wistful debut Cold Summers, Crepes are a brilliant new arrival to the Australian scene. Marvellous territories unfurl with a sedate mid-70s sound. Songs written so beautifully they remind of the good humour and lightness of Beatles tunes. The vocals are a delight with clever hooks and infectious harmonies, delivered in a minimum of effort.

Tim Karmouche leads the Melbourne five-piece, exploring self-doubt, young love, weariness, sadness and lost relationships. It’s a super nostalgic set, where living in a dream world is a tangible choice. We gain an impression of social ruptures left in their wake and greater happiness found in moving from Ballarat.

“Size Of Your Town” makes things clear. At the beginning he’s still at home, “You’re worth as much as the size of your town, and my town is quite small.” Later, Karmouche reflects from a better place. “I’m sure that you’ve seen, a much less miserable side of me. You might have seen me dancing around in this old town. And I’m sure that you know, I used to like to let it go. And now I never let my head get in this old town.”

This young band has produced something truly remarkable, seemingly with ease.”

Why do I reproduce this writing on a sleepy Friday afternoon?

Because Crepes “Hidden Star” Tour swings through Sydney at Newtown Social Club this Sunday! This is a must attend. Trust me, they’re really good. Perhaps the video from King Street Crawl will demonstrate my point.


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