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Me and Judge Demus and Pages argue about this cunt alot. Pages thinks he is old school without being much good. Judge reckons he is good but he can’t get past the fact he is some white guy who sounds exactly like Ghost. I rate him heaps though. I like that this clip is shot in some deli. I love delis and spend lots of my money in delis in Marrickville. I walk into a deli in Marrickville and the old Greek ladies know they gonna get paid that day.


I have been slightly obsessed with Riff Raff ever since he dropped Marc Jacobs but he puts out way too much half baked coke shit. I still think he might be the most important rapper in the game right now he just has to focus a bit. Shoppin at the mall is a great track though. It’s like a celebration of being young, white and cocky which I can relate to. Dirt Nasty’s line ‘I shop for my dick, at big and tall’ is pretty funny too.



This song is off what I reckon is my favourite record of all time. Green Gartside started off doing noisy punk shit in the late seventies and as he got older his tastes just got slicker and slicker and then in 1985 he puts out ‘Cupid and Psyche 85’ which is such a brilliantly crafted pop record. It’s saccharine yet ballsy as hell. The songs are written with such care and they are almost evil in their ability to suck people in. Arif Mardin and Green Gartside were the Timberland/Timberlake of the 80s. Such an amazing team. The next album provision wasn’t great then he didn’t do anything until 1999. I like the fact he is a Welsh ex-communist, ex-punk recluse who is responsible for some of the slickest, most genius music of all time. Completely underrated.


When I was really young I knew I wanted to write lyrics and Squeeze are the reason why. Their lyrics made more sense that anyone else’s half arsed slacker poetry bullshit and I always thought as a band they knew how to get the point across and not fuck around with bullshit punk attitudes or weak new wave concepts. They were a proper fuckin’ band writing proper songs and if you didn’t like them then you were the one with the problem. Respect.



This chick is the biggest Australian rapper internationally ever. And she hasn’t even put out a record. All she needed to do was be a mega babe, have slick film clips and adopt an American accent. It’s possible y’all… The accent is a MASSIVE turn off for me but she redeems herself simply by being herself. An Aussie rapper who went and grabbed what she wanted. Her music is dope and she got a milli for her first deal. She’s a hero and she slays 99% of local stuff you will hear. Aussie Aussie Aussie!!


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