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Buzz Kull: Telepath Guest Program

Listen to Telepath “Buzz Kull” from December 14, 2015

Marcel Whyler from Buzz Kull came on our show upon the release of his new single Nausea. It’s the first track from his debut album Chroma, due for release in early 2016. The familiar elements of pop, dark synths and heavy beats all remain, but as Marcel says in our conversation, there’s a greater effort to make the vocals more discernible.

He’s feeling some pressure around releasing an album, which he sees as a greater creative statement than single tracks. I’m only excited to hear a broader expanse of the Buzz Kull world, with brooding interludes and synth experiments. The intensity and focus of this project has built upon a spirit revealed on early tracks like Fallen Flower and Remote Dreams. It will be cool to hear his music get further off the path.

We had a good chat about his new record and the music he selected, including lesser known groups like Baxter, The Dark Shadows and Wash, dark fellow travellers like HTRK, Nite Fields and Total Control, and bands from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s like Cybotron, Foetus, Flash and the Pan and Primitive Calculators.


  • Founder and Editor of Skydreams. Producer of Telepath on FBi Radio.


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