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Blank Realm – River Of Longing

Blank Realm jump out from any festival lineup. At First Sight felt like the artists I’d have booked if given Carriageworks to play with (shout out to organiser Marty Doyle), and Blank Realm would be first on that list. A firestorm of good times psych freak outs and krautrock disco that fixes a glazed, slightly moronic happiness across my face.

Their latest Illegals In Heaven further improves an established style. They’ve just about made the same record three times. From Go Easy to Grassed Inn and now Illegals In Heaven, the spirit and dynamics are very similar, only their telepathic oneness is ever expanded by a stream of international touring and festival dates. Really they’re building upon a suite of music that all fits perfectly together, making their live shows a seamless medley of old and new material.

I interviewed Daniel Spencer just after Grassed Inn came out, and the most surprising take away was that Blank Realm write all their songs in a room together, with the finished recording captured within about six takes. That is bananas. Illegals In Heaven was a bit different as they went into a proper studio for the first time. Generally though, this is a band that creates together.

River Of Longing and Palace of Love are their most recent singles. Hope you enjoy this video. We have more coming soon from At First Sight at Carriageworks from November 14, 2015. Check out Nun and Lucy Cliché and stay tuned.


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