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B. Deep: Entering Unicorn Village

B. Deep is Louis Rocketeer, a producer currently living in Melbourne and responsible for such recent works as Thai Disco Challenger and Deep Impact. He’s a super productive guy, making videos to accompany new tunes such as Replay below. Check out the clip and read on as I speak to Louis about  adventures.

Nick Hollins: Is this new video Replay a glimpse of a new album or a stand-alone track for a record that will never come?

Louis Rocketeer: Replay was actually created by injecting myself with a powerful glowing liquid to create a soundtrack to the video game Entering Unicorn Village which is essentially one level and you play a knight wandering around a psychedelic township trying to find a magic unicorn.

NH: What happens when you find the magic unicorn? Are you still searching for it? Does Felix have anything to do with this?

LR: We all had some special tea the other night and I spent most of the time drawing this crazy unicorn that was both evil and girlish at the same time. I guess that’s what I dig about my music too, there are definite comparisons there. I suppose you have to play the game to find out if the unicorn is gonna be your bud but I can assure you this has nothing to do with heroin and I’ll smear your name on my bread if you thought otherwise. Felix is in his room I can grab that guy if you want closure. The word on the street is Darkness and I speak it fluently. Bonobo.

NH: Do you produce all of these B. Deep clips yourself? Or do you have cronies and honeys working behind the scenes?

LR: I couldn’t have done it without Eros. There is forces in the night air in Melbourne when it gets real cold. They help more than you would think. Also weed.

NH: If the space agencies came to you and said ‘Louis, we can send you to Mars, we want you to be the crew’s geologist. It’s a nine month trip to get there, you’ll be on the surface for five years and then it’s a nine month return trip. To be totally honest, we can’t guarantee your safety, and the internet connection en route will be dial-up speed, at best.’

Would you go?

LR: I think I would opt for my comrade Meow Ludo Disco Gamma Meow Meow to take my place. He has spent a considerable amount of his time researching the ways fungi can react and grow amongst the harsh buzz of Mars’ bogus atmosphere. The man is a great lord and would gladly give his life, never mind a 9 month trip, to develop his theories in practice on the surface of the red planet. Take him. Take me. Take 2, chill out and bring me my chariot.

NH: What’s your favourite record released so far in 2012? Or if that’s too tough, name a couple good records released so far this year.

LR: ‘Ty Segall and White Fence – Hair’. It’s playing right now from my kitchen and has infinite REPLAY value due to the length of the album. It’s like a great analog wave of hum that picks you right up and paints you on the wall as omnipresent glowing graffiti ready to be milked and distributed amongst the people. Getting It on vinyl. Other than that the Gonjasufi record and MESA COSA’s EP. But to be honest have really just been listening to the ‘Gettin’ Squared’ OST over and over again.

Lightning Round

Best local music radio show: Ben and Nick Local Music Radio show on 2ser you bastards

Best ancient god mythology: Eros

Best once-was-great turned rubbish musician or producer: You said ‘Best’ so Michel Polnareff

Best reason to leave the house in Melbourne: Women and crime

Best reason to go to Brazil for the World Cup: Women and crime

Rolling Stones or Beatles: The Velvet Underground


  • Founder and Editor of Skydreams. Producer of Telepath on FBi Radio.

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