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Amateur Hour with Laura Imbruglia

Laura Imbruglia is a national treasure. I’m fortunate to have been friends with her for more than 10 years. Good lord her new TV show Amateur Hour is funny. I’d expected musical guests, performances and interviews with simple documentary presentation. It’s far zanier with an absurdist Tim and Eric thing going on.

The first couple episodes open with Laura struggling through awkward social interactions like buying a movie ticket when you’re broke, or not knowing what to say while ordering coffee from your friend’s friend who you think is cool. It’s about as Australian as Flight Of The Conchords is New Zealand-ish, I’m approximating.

Laura is a folk/country/pop musician based in Melbourne with a penchant for Queen. She’s pursed dreams in television, rather than making a record to follow What A Treat from 2013. This show was produced with a lot of volunteer spirit by a team of actors, writers, comedians, camera and sound people. Laura directed along with Harry Aronsten and Sam Orchard, and it premiered on YouTube in September.

Memories with Ray is a recurring segment, featuring Ray Ahn from The Hard-Ons. In the first episode, he draws cartoons on a large sheet of paper while recalling the ‘Fuck Off We’re Full’ stickers on cars in Australia after the Cronulla Riots in 2005. When his band was in Sweden years ago, they noticed stickers on cars everywhere, with three yellow stars and writing atop the Swedish flag. Ray asked a local what the stickers said. “Oh, it says Welcome To Sweden.”

Musical guests appearing through the series include The Gin Club, Stella Angelico, Teeth and Tongue, Darren Hanlon and Sarah Blasko.

It was cool to meet Nick Huggins in episode two. He’s a musician, painter and recording engineer who was something of a resident producer with Two Bright Lakes. The influential label released artists including Oscar + Martin, Collarbones, Banoffee, Kitsen, Otouto and Seagull over an eight-year run before calling an end in 2015.

Laura is currently seeking funding to make a second series. Would love to see this happen! More episodes please.


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