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1. Louvin Brothers – I Can’t Keep You In Love With Me


These guys have to be my all-time favourite country band. Beautiful close harmonies and weird Christian lyrics a lot of the time, but I love their heartbreak songs the most. There’s a really good compilation you can get called “When I Stop Dreaming”, which has heaps of their best songs on it. But you should also buy their album “Satan Is Real” if not for the music, at least for the amazing cover. Ira (the taller one) was a badass. He got them kicked off the support slot on one of Elvis’ tours for being a drunk angry dude. This isn’t my favourite song of theirs but it’s still real purty and live footage of them is hard to find. I enjoy watching them sing. Hope you do too. Also how cute is the dude doing the little guitar solo? I love him. Starts at 1.10. Watch him. He is adorable.

2. Loretta Lynn – Fist City

I love this woman. What a trash-talker. She don’t take no shit, ya hear? Someone told me about this song not long after someone else put a couple of her other songs on a mix cd for me. What can I say? It was meant to be. I was meant to be a Loretta Lynn fan. She does an AMAZING version of a country hit called “Rose Garden” and it’s just hidden away as an album track on one of her albums. I discovered it whilst I was washing the dishes the other day and decided to play it at the show on Saturday. Oh boy oh boy, it’s sassy.

3. John Prine – Sam Stone


This guy is amazing. Kris Kristoffersson (too many f’s or s’s?) discovered him, and I for one am glad. Whilst I was looking for a good version of this song on youtube to show you, I found this version of Johnny Cash singing it but it’s all weird and 80’s with synth bass or some shit. I decided to show you via hyperlink as an aside cos you should watch it anyway, but only after you have heard the good Prine version. What a heartbreaking song. He has some funny songs too, he’s quite a witty lyricist and clearly a rad dude. Evan Dando from The Lemonheads made a country covers e.p. a few years back and covered this song on it. Thanks for teaching me about John Prine, Evan Dando!

4. Webb Pierce – There Stands The Glass

I first saw this performance on the Scorcese Bob Dylan doco and made a little note to self that I should check out Webb Pierce. But then I kept forgetting his name whenever I was in a record store. What is it? Spider Needle? Bug Pin? Webb is a pretty weird name and it sounds like a surname. You know like Jimmy Webb. Anyway, I digress. Luckily I found a compilation at Mojo’s in Sydney and sorted myself out. His voice is really pretty and apparently he was more famous than Hank Williams in their time but Hank became posthumously more famous and now everyone is just like “Spider Who?” One of the best things about Webb Pierce is his swimming pool. Check that out. Hell yeeeeeaaaaaahhhh!

5. Roger Miller – My Uncle Used To Love Me (But She Died)


I did a country show a coupla years ago in Sydney and asked people to send in some suggestions of songs to do. This cool guy from Canberra whose name is Patrick Cox sent me this very YouTube video and I was blown away. HIS SONG RULES. Roger Miller is a genius. Listen to his vocal delivery. I wish he was my uncle and that she was still alive.


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