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22: Lonelyspeck

Ft. Taylor Deupress, AURORA, Oscar Key Sung, Gussy

Lonelyspeck, real name Sione Teumohenga, is a producer from Adelaide who first appeared on our radar with the TEEF Records compilation Imperium In Imperio in 2015. It’s been quite a radical evolution in sound since that point.

The first single from Lave EP, All My Skin On The Air, was a major favourite from last year. I played it on Telepath every week for a fair while. Dense production, impeccable vocals and shredding space rock guitars. It became one of those tracks I’d send around to my coterie of music mates, ‘You should hear this.’

Lonelyspeck is a quiet riser right now. A shared favourite among musicians, radio people, internet lifers and people plugged into the likes of Oscar Key Sung, Eilish Gilligan, Aphir and Marcus Whale. Lave EP has been highly anticipated, with curiosity rising via the second single Happy New Year.

It was nice and easy to bring in JaysWays, Lupa J and Gussy to support the Lave EP launch in Sydney. Everyone’s a bit of a Lonelyspeck fan, you see. We’ve teamed up with TEEF to present the show this Saturday, March 11 at the Gaelic Club. Presale is available here.

To herald this event and the record, Lonelyspeck has compiled a new Playlist for us, featuring Taylor Deupress, AURORA, Oscar Key Sung, Gussy, Sigrid, Forth Wanderers, My Chemical Romance, Limp Bizkit, Car Bomb, Night Lovell, Post Malone, Justin Bieber, Kevin Abstract, Modern Baseball, Kehlani, Roy Woods and Researcher.



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