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21: Karnaboy

Ft. Grimes, Daft Punk, Childish Gambino and The Internet

Karnaboy is a producer/musician from Adelaide who makes vibrant, super eclectic electronic pop music, exploding with ideas, run through with youthful, hyper emotive vocals with lo fi beats and synths that sound filtered through a Fisher-Price keyboard.

We came across his music by accident while producing our radio show Telepath, right around the time his Feathers Falling in Slow Motion record came out in July.

Remember When is a great place to start with his music. It captures many aspects of his style: instantly fading vocal echoes, a heavy pulsing bass synth, that funky children’s keyboard sound and beats that drop into a playful kinda drum and bass with machine gun snares.

For his Playlist, we find Sonny, Grimes, Maxo, Meesh, Anamanaguchi, Daft Punk, Childish Gambino, The Internet, Mike Krol, The Clash, Toby Fox, boo en, Baths, Neat Beats, Aphex Twin, Igorrr, Forever Lesbians and Destroyer.

Karnaboy here!! Today I want to tell everyone about music and how much I love music. I’m Karnaboy and I REALLY LOVE music. Music is really cool because there is ALL kinds of music that makes you feel different things and that’s an important part of being a human being, right? Anyways, here’s a crazy and nonsensical playlist that will do exactly that because it’s a complete mixed bag of my favourite songs. I have no idea what I’m doing, I hope you enjoy!



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