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20: 100%

100%’s songs were chosen by Lena, Grace and Chloe. Picking five songs each, can you guess who picked what?

100% are a Brisbane electronic trio who’ve recently put out a 12″ through Moontown Records. You Are 100% is a refinement of the sound and style of their April, 2015 self-titled cassette.

The first single Lost Youth was one of the best tracks we heard in 2016, and in my opinion the most powerful they’ve put out so far. It’s bouncy, cathartic and joyful. Reminding a little of Mere Women, Holy Balm and Nun.

Their Playlist is primarily focused on ’80s synth pop and dance, matching well with selections made by Avoid and Buzz Kull.

Hit play for La Bionda, Lene Lovich, Spk, Blondie, Yazoo, Chris & Cosey, Phil Oakey, Giorgio Moroder, Genesis, Kavinsky, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, The Spits, Grimes, Fad Gadget and Donna Summer.



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