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17: TEEF

TEEF is one of the finest young labels in Australia. Founded by Tommy Faith from Sound Doctrine, their current roster features Anatole, Arthur Wimble, Spirit Faces and Yon Yonson.

In July, TEEF released the second in the Imperium In Imperio series, a compilation of new and vital electronic artists from across the country. All proceeds from this release went to the Oxfam Syrian Refugee Appeal.

On Friday, November 11 for Melbourne Music Week, TEEF, Spirit Level, Oxfam and Collarts are collaborating for an Imperium In Imperio showcase at 1000 Pound Bend. Hit up those presales. Once again, all profits are going to the Oxfam Syrian Refugee Appeal.

Tommy has compiled this week’s Playlist, featuring artists on the bill, along with some mutual favourites of ours, Jack Grace, Ôntreɪ, BUOY, Katie Dey, Edward Vanzet and Planète.




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