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Buzz Kull is the darkwave project of Marcel Whyler, who’s been lurking about the shadows of Sydney since 2010. His first album is set for release in coming months, and the latest single Nausea gives some indication of the sound of what’s to come.

He’s put out a bunch of singles and EPs since debuting with I Dissappear. What began as a disembodied voice, echoing in despair to a beat, has grown in production to approach late ’70s and ’80s monoliths like New Order and Suicide. It’s on the spectrum of post-punk and dark electro, which registers other Australian acts like Nun, 100%, Nite Fields and Lucy Cliché.

This week’s Playlist seems fitting upon the passing of Alan Vega from Suicide. Artists selected include ASSS, The Cars, Holy Fuck, Death Day, The Ramones, Nite Fields, Ariel Pink, The Stranglers, Fairmont, The Sound, Geneva Jacuzzi, The Clean, DIIV, Suicide and John Maus.



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