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11: Avoid

Avoid are a Melbourne electronic pop band made up of Romy Vager, Georgia Greenway and Louis Oliver Roach. They describe themselves as “True Wave, New Romantic, Synth-Pop, DIY Cabaret”.

They put out their debut single Wolf in April. It’s quite a lovely, spaced-out synth drone of a pop song. Those downbeat doo-wop guitar lines are really cool, and I dig the vocal interplay that comes in halfway.

Catch them supporting Spike Fuck’s EP launch along with Gregor this Saturday, June 18 at Hugs and Kisses.

To get you super hyped for that show (in typical music blog fashion, pretty sure that’s how all this stuff works), Avoid have created an immersive, deep cuts Playlist of 80s pop.

Hit play for The Cleaners From Venus, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Squeeze, Linear Movement, Deux, Cocteau Twins, Second Layer, The Human League, Martin Dupont, Depeche Mode, Visage and The Cars.



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