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10: Jasper Clifford-Smith

I can’t help but feel that we don’t have long left. Like if climate change kills us all we’ll be lucky. Today I found out Hillary got the nomination meaning (in my opinion) Trump is gonna win. The anti-establishment candidate is going to win it this year and that ain’t Hillary and even if it was she’s not exactly war shy. She killed Gaddafi when he was trying to fix Africa. She’s a fucking shill and has no issue blowing people up.

I live in and am from Sydney which means I’m currently witnessing my home town being taken over in a corporate coup. The Hillary’s and The Trump’s of Sydney’s North Shore are kicking us out and locking us up. My local council has been replaced by corporate administrators and the week that happened we got a development proposal on the front door of my house. Time to leave or face the consequences.

It seems like at home and abroad normal people seem to be getting fucked harder and harder and by the system most us were raised to think had our backs, especially if you’re a white man like me, everyone else knew the odds were stacked against them from birth.

This very real prospect of doom gets me down frequently and makes me angry more frequently. This playlist is kind of a soundtrack to this. They’re basically songs I find myself listening to a fair bit, particularly in the last few weeks.

BURZUM – DUNKELHEIT (from Filosofem)

I don’t know much about Black Metal but I like this album. I sampled this track on a track I did last year called Face It off ‘The Special One’ EP.

DEAN BLUNT & INGA COPELAND – 9 (from Black Is Beautiful)

I love the way they make music. No rules whatsoever. This song is beautiful.

GOLDIE – SENSUAL (from Timeless)

In the last 2 years I’ve been thrashing the shit out of Timeless. Without using words its such an accurate description of what I think is happening in Baird and Packers Sydney but it’s also a total escape from it.

TRICKY – PIANO (from Pre Millenium Tension)

Tricky is the biggest influence on the music I make I can think of. This is the last song off my favourite album of his. It’s such a broken note to end on.

SCOUT NIBLETT – NEVADA  (from This Fool Can Die Now)

Love Scout Niblett. She’s a genius. This is one of the heaviest things I’ve ever heard. She’s so minimal but so fucking emotive and real.


Stephin Merritt’s bass voice kills me every time. I love that line ‘I’ve done so much crying the flesh has left my bones, I can play my ribcage like a xylophone’. It’s so good. Kind of wonky and fun with the uke and shit but a really fucking sad song. Good juxtaposition. A+.


I always liked the message of this song. I go this album when it came out when I was about 15 and it kind of got me into politics in a pretty big way. It’s so cynical and anti-capitalism. 15 years later and I still totally agree with the sentiment.

THE KINKS – VILLAGE GREEN (from The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society)

Its got a beautiful chord progression with a really nostalgic arrangement. Many of my most treasured childhood memories we in the English countryside and the kind of take me there with this song. It’s also a really universal song about thinking about who you are, where you came from and where you’re going.

SCRITTI POLITTI – SNOW IN SUN (from Snow In Sun / Robin Hood)

It’s really pretty and optimistic and slightly melancholy. Ray of sunshine type shit.


It’s like some Brazilian Garage Rocky Horror Shit. It’s just a fun track. Totally manic.


The drums on this sound like machine guns. Probably a sound we’re gonna have to get used to LOL.

ANOHNI- DRONE BOMB ME (from Hopelessness)

Can’t think of a song which describes the collective mindset of humanity in 2016 better than this tbh.

FEAR FACTORY – DESCENT (from Obsolete)

I recently got back into Fear Factory after not listening to them since I was like 15. The production is amazing. Great dynamics. Hasn’t aged a day.

OUTKAST – CHONKYFIRE (from Aquemini)

It’s triumphant, victory lap music. We can and will overcome somehow. If people can make music like this then we can do anything, probably.

PRIMAL SCREAM – KOWALSKI (from Vanishing Point)

Everything about this rules. The drums sampled from Can and beefed up, Mani’s bass, Bobby’s creepy fucking vocals. The synth eruption towards the end though is ultimate victory lap shit though. If I had to choose one song to listen to for the rest of my life this would be it.

Jasper Clifford-Smith aka Bistro is a Sydney based rapper and producer. After starting out as the frontman in local psychpunk outfit Warhorse (2006-2011) he then turned to production focusing on dark electronic, trip hop, drone and experimental music.

Jasper briefly formed Arkestra with Aleesha Dibbs and James Domeyko playing shows and festivals however the trip hop project never officially released anything. Jasper then introduced hip hop to his sound; performing under the name White Ox (or the 2010 single Ego Music) before changing to his birth name for 2013’s ‘Tipping Dollars’ EP, 2014’s experimental ‘Polybel’ EP and the violent electronic single ‘Fight’ later that year.

In 2014 Jasper started the dark electronic pop group Pills who released the singles ‘2004’, ‘Birthdays’ and ‘Slugger’ through French label Beko Disques.

In mid 2014 Jasper adopted the name Bistro and soon released the song ‘Dr No’ ft Simo Soo. In 2015 Bistro dropped a mixtape ‘Romeo’ an EP ‘The Special One’ and the singles ‘Chinatown’ and ‘Smoking Is Beautiful’. In 2016 Bistro released the first in his American Songbook series with ‘At Last/What A Wonderful World’.

Bistro will be releasing a new mixtape ‘Shark 1: House Of God’ in July 2016 which will be followed by an instrumental album ‘Son Of Silas OST’. He is currently working with artists such as Lowgrind, Az-Ra and Ces Hotbake.

Bistro is one half of Wu Drumpf (with Jess Rogleff), The Fiending (with Tyler Burrows) and a founding member of Pure Privacy.’



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