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02: The Laurels

The Laurels like hip hop. A lot. They put together a playlist to make our lives better. Total running time is 200 minutes so you’ll find some things you need to hear. Luke O’Farrell used his morning break at work to write these “Top Album Picks!”

GZA – Liquid Swords

The Laurels’ favourite hip hop album and emcee! RZA’s best beats (see the Shogun Assassin soundtrack for some truly excellent samples) and some awesome guest appearances from Raekwon, Ghostface and Killah Priest. We have been eagerly awaiting his new album, “Dark Matter”, for several years now. A concept album about the origins of the universe featuring Vangelis and Tom Morello? Yes please!

Black Moon – Enta Da Stage

Gritty, bass heavy beats from Da Beatminerz that go great with that mad bag of buddah you be puffin’ on. “Enta Da Stage” also saw the debut of Smif-N-Wessun who gave us the equally great “Dah Shinin’” – another essential East Coast classic!

KMD – Black Bastards

The backstory behind Black Bastards is the stuff of legend. Initially slated for a 1993 release, the record was shelved when Elektra Records deemed the cover art and lyrical content too controversial. Things were further complicated when DJ Subroc was hit by a car and killed which saw his emcee brother Zen Love X go into hiding for several years. When he eventually resurfaced, he had donned a mask and renamed himself MF DOOM!

Listen to The Laurels’ single Zodiac K via Rice Is Nice. Follow them here.

They’re playing a show this Thursday, March 17 with The Holy Soul and Terza Madre at Newtown Social Club. Yes, you should.

The Laurels, The Holy Soul & Terza Madre with DJ Melodie Nelson



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